Backyard Water Fountain Creative Idea

Water Fountains for Small Backyards

Before choosing a backyard water fountain for the garden it is necessary to pay attention to the type of it. You should decide what function it will perform in your garden.

Detached garden fountains decorate the garden-plot, clean and moisten the air. The types, which are arranged in a decorative or swimming pond, enrich the water with oxygen. They can be attached under or above its level and they also may be floating. There are also static and rotating types changing the height of the jets. They are usually decorated with illumination, either natural or electric.

Small Backyard Water Fountains

Backyard water fountain designs the yard and make it special and pleasant for spending time. The sounds of running water have a positive effect on the person and create good conditions for rest and recuperation.

An installed font technically consists of a sprinkler, a head for the fountain, flow valve and submerged pump. Using different types of nozzles, you can create different patterns and movement of splashes.

The best place for construction water fountain for backyard is considered to be the one that is perfectly viewable from different sides of the yard. It is desirable to place it near the leisure zone. But it is necessary to remember that jets should fall in the pond at a distance of at least 50 cm from nearby plants and furniture. Otherwise the plans will be lost due to the excessive moisture and folding chairs, desks and other furniture will be deteriorated.

Backyard Water Fountain Pictures

When you choose backyard water fountain ideas will attack your mind and don’t be afraid to make experiments with it, because it will make the yard individual and bright. You can choose any design you wish: a sculpture (woman, man, goddess), a mill, a jar, a flower, an animal, a geometrical figure and many other variants.

24 Photos of the Backyard Water Fountain Creative Idea

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