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Always Fresh Dog Drinking Fountain

Water is important not only for people but for pets too. A dog drinking fountain is an available way to supply your animal with moister. The encouragement to drink more favours your friend’s health and a good functioning of its kidneys.

Dog drinking fountain reviews tell us about Dogit drinking bowls. This firm is popular thanks to its ability to satisfy the necessity in a permanent and easy access to trough. A continuous circulation provides always fresh, cool, filtrated liquid, saturated with oxygen. A new design gives the possibility of better position near the bowl and is ideal for big breeds, old and sick animals.

Dog Drinking Fountains Bowls

Getting a better quality of liquid and simple use, choose an automatic dog drinking fountain with a sufficient volume. A big area of water distribution guarantees cooling and freshening by means of the saturation with oxygen. The recirculation system prevents the stagnation. The multiple filtrations provide a cleaning from different dashes, saliva and hair. This type of facility is easy-to-use for pets and their masters.

Choosing the best drinking fountain for dogs, pay attention to the basic moments:

  • Permanent circulation and stagnated water absence;
  • The volume must be not less than 6 l;
  • The saturation with oxygen makes water more tasty and healthy;
  • The low energy consumption (less than 4 watt);
  • The flex must be covered with plastic, preventing damages from moister and animals;
  • A replaceable filter cleans from dashes, sediments, hair, absorbs a bad smell and taste;
  • The facility should provide a constant access to water;
  • The facility mustn’t ask an often filling (not more than once a day);
  • If you have many pets, choose a universal bowl, suitable for dogs, puppies and cats.

Dogit Fresh Clear Drinking Fountain for Dogs 6 Litre

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