Tips & Tricks for Incredible Frog Fountain

Frog Drinking Fountain
Outdoor Frog FountainFrogs in the Fountain StoryOutdoor Frog FountainsFrog Fountain Spitter

Frog fountain can totally change the look of your garden and thus is very popular among people. The common anurans’ habitat is water places, so the water feature with this creature looks very natural and attractive, allowing to distinguish your outdoor area.  Despite the general opinion, such kind of fountains can be located in the inner place of your house too. Manufacturers all over the world knows that and provide us with a variety of […]

Bubbler Water Fountain and Its Pros and Cons

Water Fountain vs Bubbler
Water Fountain vs BubblerWater Bubbler FountainBubbler Water Fountain WisconsinElkay Water Fountain Bubbler

Bubbler water fountain is an artificial structure designed for satisfying thirst in public places and it is sanitarily safe. It is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Water bubbler fountain is connected to the system of public water supply. It can be equipped with a drinking liquid purification system that allows you to solve the problem of providing clean drinking liquid to such establishments as kindergartens, schools, gyms, hospitals, offices and other public places. It […]

Facts About Yard Fountains

Concrete Yard Fountains
Water Fountains for the YardFountains for the Front YardLarge Yard FountainsOutdoor Yard Fountains

Yard fountains are an integral part of the yard if you want to make it nice and interesting place to have a rest at. There are few types of front yard fountains: floating (pontoons or submersible, the basis of their composition is water picture) and stationary (based on a specific architectural composition, such as a bowl). Floating ones are used for installation in ponds, pools and waterfalls. Stationary one is an independent architectural structure, which […]

Fantastic Ideas of Solar Fountain

Solar Water Fountain Pump
Solar Water Fountain Pump with BatterySmart Solar FountainSolar Water Fountain PumpSolar Bird Bath Fountain

Modern landscape design introduces different innovations, and a solar fountain is among them. As a usual one, it attaches some beauty to the scenery, but has also several advantages, therefore is able to find its own place in every yard or garden. The device is very handy, and doesn’t require wires and electricity. Besides, it is environmentally conscious and can be installed in any place. Although a solar water fountain is more common for gardens, […]

Rock Fountain Creating Comfort

Fountain Park Rock Hill
Bubbling Rock FountainHow to Build a Rock FountainRock Garden FountainIndoor Rock Fountain

Rock fountain will not only adorn the territory, but also moisturize the air, improve the microclimate in the recreation area. It can be built in the country village style with clay vases, pails, buckets and wooden products or in the natural style; decorate with vertically arranged stones to give it an exotic form. Rock water fountains and equipment for them: Typically in backyards are used two types: open outdoor rock fountains and with a circulation […]

Easy Ideas for DIY Misting System

DIY Tankless Mosquito Misting Systems
DIY Misting System for GreenhouseDIY Greenhouse Misting SystemsDIY Mist Cooling SystemMist Spray System DIY

A hot dry climate needs some moistening, and a DIY misting system is a way to decide this problems. There are several inexpensive modes to make the installation, but variations depend on your area and layout. If you have a big yard with a lawn and flowers, a DIY misting system for a greenhouse will provide you with fresh air and vegetation. For building you must have a misting kit, a programmable watering timer and […]

Ideas for a Majestic Copper Fountain

Outdoor Copper Garden Fountains
How to Make a Copper Water FountainCopper Tree Water FountainOutdoor Copper Water FountainsIndoor Copper Water Fountain

The cause of the fast growing popularity of copper as a material for landscaping, copper fountain compositions and sculptures lies in the fact that it is a soft metal, which perfectly lends itself to a variety of forging and annealing processes. Due to this quality, it is able to acquire the most incredible forms. From the sheet cuprum, it is easy enough to create full-size and three-dimensional sculptures, forming leaves and flowers of amazing plants, […]

What You Should Know about Small Fountain

Small Water Fountains
Indoor Fountains SmallSmall Garden Water FountainsSmall Tabletop FountainsSmall Chocolate Fountain

Today small fountain is available for everyone. Placing it near the resting place of the family, you will soon enjoy its relaxing effect, melodic murmur and sparkling jets of water. As a rule it has a closed cycle. There are such elements of a small fountain: water pump, water container and a decorative element, which actually determines the general appearance and style. Small solar fountain is an interesting variant, because it doesn’t even need any […]

Which of the Indoor Fountain is Better for You?

Tabletop Water Fountains Indoor
Floor Fountains IndoorFountain Indoor TabletopCool Indoor FountainsElectric Water Fountains Indoor

Indoor Fountain will help to make our home like a real Paradise. They always attract the eyes not only with their unique beauty, but also bring relief on an exhausting hot summer day it becomes easier to breathe and think. Modern indoor water fountains are a collection of objects made of natural materials – wood, bamboo, stone and glass. They are often decorated with a special lightning and it creates a sense of peace and […]

Stone Fountain Reflect Your Dream

Outdoor Stone Fountains
Fountain Stone Theaters RensselaerFountain Stone TheatreStone Sphere FountainOutdoor Stone Fountains

Stone fountain is one of the most natural decorations to your outdoor house. The variety of ideas helps to choose the most appropriate option for yourself. They help not only to beautify and revitalize the suburban landscape, but also to create a special atmosphere and microclimate around it. The sound of evenly falling water soothes and relaxes, and the moisture coming from the source, freshens and get the air near it cool even on a […]

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