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Ideas for a Majestic Copper Fountain

Copper Table Fountain

The cause of the fast growing popularity of copper as a material for landscaping, copper fountain compositions and sculptures lies in the fact that it is a soft metal, which perfectly lends itself to a variety of forging and annealing processes. Due to this quality, it is able to acquire the most incredible forms. From the sheet cuprum, it is easy enough to create full-size and three-dimensional sculptures, forming leaves and flowers of amazing plants, indoor copper fountains, which perfectly fit into the design of almost any garden.

On top of that, caring for such products is quite simple, since the metal is a weather-resistant material. It is even said that it does not require any maintenance. Outdoor copper fountains do not need to be cleaned. For decades the sculpture, regardless of the weather, will serve as a garden ornament. However, the metal will oxidize slowly and continuously, changing its color from dark brown to green shade, but the process just add the sculptures a little spicy touch of elegance.

Copper Pipe Fountain

Fountains and other water bodies of cuprum, really look beautiful. Their surface not on purpose changes: first, at the edges, and then in the middle. And, interestingly, by the appearance of the oxide layer not only the decorativeness of items is increased, but their protective barrier. This means that water under the influence of oxidized copper surface stops further degradation.

Very popular compositions are made from copper sheet and tube in the shape of flowers. From flat metal sheet the shape of the future of petals or leaves of the copper tree fountain is cut out. Then, using a variety of hammers and other traditional tools sculptors forge the finest veins, exactly repeating the structure of living leaves and flowers of various plants. Its beauty and naturalness always amazes. Having such item in your garden or house will be definitely pleasing for everyone in your family.

Copper Wall Fountain Outdoor

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