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DIY Water Fountain Outdoor

Diy fountain is a good variant for those, who want to decorate the yard, but don’t want to spend much money on it. It is functional, decorative and has acceptable price.

There are two types of fountains: submersible and stationary. The first one is set up in the center of the garden pond. This construction consists of three main components: a pump, pipe line, which supplies water and a head that provides a special form to a water jet.

DIY Tabletop Fountain

Stationary types resemble the ones that decorate parks and squares of the cities. As a rule, it is a figure in the shape of a flower, a woman with a jar, a boy with a fish and others. You can create any composition you like. They are usually made of polymer concrete, because it is durable and frost-resistant. Diy patio fountain usually has strict geometrical shape: round, oval, square or multi-angles. Such designs look impressive.

Despite the style and form, the process of creating this landscape decoration involves several sequenced actions: to prepare the pit, to strengthen the trench, install the diy fountain basin, pump and decorate it. It is necessary to build a foundation for a large fountain and a plastic container for a little one. You should also provide an emergency drain at the edge of the surface, which will eliminate the water overflow. Specialists recommend using plastic pipes for the pipeline, because they are easily connected with the help of a solderer and are stable to corrosion. The bottom is lined with sand, sides -with brick, and the entire inner surface – with thick polyethylene. Many summer residents use cast-off materials. The requirements to the material are durability and resistance to temperature changes.

Both diy fountain indoor and outdoor look nice and it is a wonderful place to have a rest on a hot summer day.

DIY Cat Fountain

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