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What You Should Know about Small Fountain

Small Fountain Ideas

Today small fountain is available for everyone. Placing it near the resting place of the family, you will soon enjoy its relaxing effect, melodic murmur and sparkling jets of water.

As a rule it has a closed cycle. There are such elements of a small fountain: water pump, water container and a decorative element, which actually determines the general appearance and style.

Small Outdoor Water Fountain

Small solar fountain is an interesting variant, because it doesn’t even need any power supply. It just floats on the surface of the water pond. It is equipped with a battery, which can work both day and night. You can switch on and off the nozzle for spraying and even illumination with the help of the remote controller.

If the head piece is not enough for you can use other elements for this purpose. For example, it can be a nice stone or a group of boulders of different shapes and sizes. As a rule a small hole is drilled in them for a small hose, which will lead water. Depending on the power of the pump, the water can gush out like a geyser or quietly flow down the walls of stones.

There are many detailed instructions which tell and show how to make a small fountain yourself. You can use kitchen utensil for this, such as: cups, kettles, buckets, pots. A fountain made of a kettle which pours water into the cup looks very funny and original. The choice of the figures offered in the garden centers is simply amazing. There are funny little animals, frogs, fish, angels, shepherdesses and cute girls with pitchers.

Small Yard Fountains

The fantasy of designers is truly limitless. The fountains are made of transparent materials (glass, plastics), metals, ceramics, and natural materials. There is a choice is for every taste and every budget.

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