Garden Fountain Outstanding Ideas

Cement Fountains for the Garden

Garden fountains have always been used in landscape decoration. Fountains for garden have quite a long history. The very first have performed extremely practical function as a source of water for the population.

Garden water fountains always look very nice and original and can be suitable into any landscape design. Modern fonts can have different sizes and shapes. They may also be made of different materials. You can buy fascinated fonts for your courtyard made of marble, concrete, polymer and artificial stone. Regardless the installation’s material which you want to buy, it will certainly be one of the main decorations of your garden plot, filled with its unique atmosphere, which no one can remain indifferent.

Garden Water Fountains Ideas

Outdoor garden fountains can be attributed to the sculptural installations. They are very graceful, majestic and graceful. Modern manufacturers offer to buy fonts for the garden made in different styles. For example, a stone fountain, made strictly framed, will be a great addition to the hall of a large company, in a trade or a business center.

The fountains should be built with considering the presence degree of land slope. It is better if the installation is located in a valley, which will increase the amount of air’s moisture, it will adjust the volume of groundwater.

It is undesirable to place installations:

Longwood Gardens Fountains
  • Very open field area, as direct sunlight will provoke a “bloom” of water;
  • Near trees as powerful roots can deform the bowl of the installation and damage the waterproofing, and foliage from trees, fruits, seeds falling into a pond, can cause failure;
  • Near the house, in order that the wind flows do not bring the moisture to the building walls.


The most successful place – a platform, which is easily visible from the house and from the different parts of a yard.

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