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Bamboo Water Fountain DIY

Bamboo fountain creates a relaxing mood and has several Feng Shui applications in traditional Asian culture. Indian cane is very often used material in decoration (from home plants to furniture).

Tsukubai is a traditional Japanese bamboo fountain, which has been used by Buddhist monks for washing hands. It was also an integral part of the tea ceremony. It was made of solid stone, and water flowed through a bamboo tube. Now this font is used as an element of decor and garden decoration in Japanese style. It sets the mood and adjusts to the contemplation.

Japanese Bamboo Fountain How to Make

Bamboo water fountain located in the east, will strengthen your family and protect it; in the north – will contribute to your career the development and the evolution in your professional activities; in no case, do not place the font in a bedroom (a fountain in the bedroom will bring a sense of unease and volatility).

How to make a bamboo water fountain:

  • Materials: plastic container for 40-50 liters; Indian cane ; a concrete vessel “stone bowl”; a submersible pump with capacity of about 80 liters per hour; flexible tube for supplying water, stainless steel mesh, with a cable outlet;
  • You need to dig a hole for water reservoir where a submersible pump will be installed;
  • Set a plastic container in the pit – the pump, and cover the top with a stainless steel mesh. Pumps are connected with flexible hose and output it through the structure of Indian cane, which is installed next to the cup;
  • To mask the grid with pebble stones and arrange decoration stones around;
  • In summer, you need to control the water level in the tank. It is not permissible that the pump operates in “dry” mode. So every few days you should pour the water. Periodically, you need to remove the pump and flush the elements.

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