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Landscape Around Water Fountain

Landscape water fountains were always in the center of attention and played an important role in the general design of the yard.

There are few types of water fountains in the landscape: floating (pontoons or submersible, the basis of their composition is water picture) and stationary (based on a specific architectural composition, such as a bowl). Floating ones are used for installation in ponds, pools and waterfalls. Stationary one is an independent architectural structure, which can be moved without any major changes in the landscape design.

Outdoor Water Fountains Landscaping

The most common variant is a pond of a strict geometrical figure with a fountain in its center. But it is necessary to remember that jets of water should fall in the pond at a distance of at least 50 cm from nearby plants and furniture. Otherwise the plans will be lost due to the excessive moisture and folding chairs, desks and other furniture will be deteriorated. The most common and practical variant is considered to be the jet type. It presents a jet, which is directed upwards in the air and then it breaks down into many small streams falling down. Electrical equipment for should be of high quality and power. To provide a good work of such a decoration a pump is required.

The best place for construction landscape water fountains and ponds is considered to be the one that is perfectly viewable from different sides of the yard. It is desirable to place them near the leisure zone. But trying to make them the “starts” of the yard, remember that they shouldn’t be the obstacles on your way and prevent you from free walking.

This decoration has a peaceful and calming effect. It influences the mood in a positive way and creates a romantic and relaxing atmosphere. Continuous humidification near the fountain will save from the summer heat and it is very favorable for water-demanding plants.

Landscaping Singapore Water Fountain

There is a wonderful decision if there is not much place in the yard.  You can use small landscape water fountains. They become more and more popular nowadays. You can choose any design you wish: a sculpture, a mill, a jar, a flower and many other variants.

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