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Floating Fountain Lights

Fountain lights will increase a magnificent effect of your fountain or pool. Fountains are not just the original “the ornamental” element, it is also an additional source of coolness that creates the atmosphere of comfort and relaxation. But it is not enough to create an artificial pond. It is necessary also to decorate the pond.

Underwater fountain led lights – one of the safest waters lighting technologies. Operating voltage LED-lamps not exceeding 24 V, they are not capable to cause an electric shock. Usually it is required only a few hours to install underwater LED lamp. The device can be mounted on any surface. Subsequently, the illuminator does not need any maintenance.

Tabletop Fountain with Light

Advantages of LED equipment:

  • The illuminant steam of appliances is quite powerful, clean, evenly distributed in the water column and scattered in the room;
  • with adequate using –  the production of  the LEDs are 10 000 hours (equivalent to 5-10 years);
  • the minimum power consumption- 50-70% saving over traditional illuminant sources;
  • a variety of color palettes. Many models of submersible led fountain lights can change the shade according to a temperature of water, from white to red, blue, green.

Solar fountain lights lamp is perfect for fonts and even for swimming pools. In fact, it is the usual flashlight with solar cells, enclosed in a sealed enclosure. It floats on the water surface, creating a spectacular highlighting and emphasizing the natural beauty of the pond. And such lamp is for decorative lighting, it creates a soft shining, covering only a small area. Like other solar-powered lights, floating lamps are very practical and functional. They do not consume energy, do not require summing up the wires and do not need regular maintenance. To make a spectacular lighting is very easy- it is enough to lower the lights on the water surface, and the energy of the sun does the rest.

Waterproof Fountain Lights

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