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Concrete fountain can fit into any landscape design. Such fountains always look very pleasant and original. You can enjoy the view of the water flowing by applying only the minimum effort for the manufacture of concrete water fountain. And let the word “concrete” not afraid you, the fountain construction technology is really very simple and economical.

How to build a concrete fountain:

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  • After selecting a suitable location, dig a round hole, the internal recess of which must meet the size of the container used for the font to the bowl. Further around the pits dig a trench (depth of 10 cm);
  • pour clean sand at the bottom of the pit and well ram it, getting a flat area. Take the plastic container cup, set it in the prepared pit and align on the level. Around the font, pour and tamp sand, edges of the container should extend through the hole above 5-8 cm. Then fill the container with water so that the edges of the font stay about 4-6 cm;
  • set the font and check the pump operation. If the pump allows the power control, select a jet height that it lifts the water and then fall back into the bowl.

Concrete wall fountain will help to create an original yard, you like your garden even more. The font will turn it into a cozy corner of inspiration and recreation. The installation – also is a measure of prestige, solidity and nobility. If guests see the magnificent sculptures in the garden, they will be sure that the owners of the site have a delicate taste and a strong sense of beauty. Modern architectural concrete is best suited for the realization of the different decor ideas. In fact it is an artificial stone with all the properties of natural materials and the undoubted advantages compared to it.


Concrete Water Fountain Sealer

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