Lion Fountain Peculiar Look

Henri Studio Classic Lion Fountain

Lion fountain will be a beautiful addition to the park in the Italian style, decorate the rest area of a spa, a restaurant, a hotel, a luxury bath, a winter garden. In small gardens lion water fountains will look spectacularly at the end of the track, especially if it is placed that the sun’s rays can play with water jets.

Lion wall water fountain is a closed system, which is placed at the bottom of the tank to fill with water. It has a pump, pumping water to the top of the waterfall. During operation of the pump cycle repeats – water is again returned to the reservoir. Of course, such an artificial pond attracts birds, small animals, which will give it a special charm.

Lion Water Fountain Outdoor

Lion head garden fountains:

  • Made of natural stone and natural materials. Natural stone (granite and marble) retains its properties for over 100 years. No artificial stone can substitute or compete natural stone, with its durability;
  • the backlight and fog effect in the fountain gives a special charm. In the evenings you can enjoy a soft shimmering light, your font will play as a magical source of energy;
  • built into the wall “lion’s head” is normally mounted in a block made of concrete or crushed stone. A small tube brings the aqua from the back side of the wall in the animal’s mouth, so such devices are best embedded in the wall from the beginning of its construction;
  • aqua from the “lion’s head” pours directly into the tank, which stands at the bottom or in a small submerged container or a sink. From there it is fed to the main tank.

In the circular bowl of the font can be planted water plants, and near it – lush greenery in containers. This will create an expressive composition that only emphasizes the strong energy of the fountain.

Fountain of Lions

50 Photos of the Lion Fountain Peculiar Look

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