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One of the most interesting decorative elements in the room is a mist fountain: it is equipped with a generator that produce a cool and mysterious milky-white mist, usually illuminated from the bottom with a one-color or an iridescent light. But, besides its simplicity and excellent appearance, it still has many benefits for your health.

Firstly, the fountain is a wonderful humidifier. It greatly improves the microclimate of the premises, which is especially important in the hot summer or freezing winter days, when the air humidity drops sharply, and physicians advise taking the air humidification measures, especially in the bedroom. Incidentally, the price of the indoor ones can be even cheaper than of another household appliance – a mist fountain humidifier, while the first option takes up less space and much more decorates the room than the second one.

Ultrasonic Mist Maker Fogger Water Fountain Pond 12 LED

However, small decorative mist fountains indoor are still uncommon for a typical modern interior, but it is not just another decoration, it is also a very useful invention for some other health aspects. The thing is that it helps to improve the psychological climate: the water, its look and sound evoke in the most people positive associations, helping to reduce stress, increase activity, improving the mood. And, if there are animals in the house – you can be sure that they, too, will like it – the majority of animals and birds like to be near a water source.

The other great benefit is the care of mist water fountain that is extremely simple: you just need to keep an eye on the water level in and, when its quantity is reduced, add a new portion.

Everyone can find a fountain in a suitable style – a lover of classical and a fan of a baroque luxury and a supporter of modern minimalist trends: for the fountains are made in a variety of styles and colors.

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