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Our days, thanks to ADA drinking fountain guideline, disabled people have a direct access to pure potable water. This organization protects the rights and interests of invalids. One of its occupations is a demand of special bubblers in all public places such as parks, schools, medical facilities, libraries,  restaurants,  etc. It doesn’t cover only religious institutions. These rules are very important since disabled’s life is full with complications, and the access to water is a step to make it more livable.

ADA requirements for drinking fountains are enough strict and touch upon the issues of their height, spout height, wheelchair clearances, control mechanism designs, ease of operation, location and more. It is not a very simple task to satisfy all of them, and manufacturers collaborate with builders and designers for to create a product, which is compliant with ADA.

ADA Drinking Fountain Guidelines

One of the key characteristics is a possibility to reach to the spout. ADA drinking fountain height is measured strictly and presents 36 inches from the floor or ground to the spout. It considered comfortable for a person on a wheelchair. The spout should give a stream of water not less than 4 inches.

A suitable bubbler must have also a right gap. ADA drinking fountain clearance is enough for laps, knees and toes or for a wheelchair can make 180 degrees turn. It provides a maneuverability and easy access.

A bubbler should be equipped with handy controls. They are front or side-mounted and long enough to touch them. It must be possible to operate them with one hand and without efforts. Besides, fountains for physically limited persons must be equipped with filters.

ADA Drinking Fountains Requirements

There are basic items. People with limited possibilities deserve a special care and defense. Installation of drinking reservoirs in all housetop is a way to help them.

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