Bubbler Water Fountain and Its Pros and Cons

Cat Water Fountain Bubbler

Bubbler water fountain is an artificial structure designed for satisfying thirst in public places and it is sanitarily safe. It is becoming more and more popular nowadays.
Water bubbler fountain is connected to the system of public water supply. It can be equipped with a drinking liquid purification system that allows you to solve the problem of providing clean drinking liquid to such establishments as kindergartens, schools, gyms, hospitals, offices and other public places. It is equipped with a special tap which allows drinking liquid directly from the font, without the use of plastic glasses, which significantly cuts the costs.
Backyard bubbler water fountain is placed at the height lower than the human’s one. It can be with the hand and foot starting liquid. It is made of stainless steel or black metal with subsequent painting. It is equipped with the purification filters. As a rule, it is located outdoor (especially in regions with hot climates) and indoor (industrial, educational establishments). It can be utilitarian and a real work of art.
It is also necessary to mention the advantages of the bubbler water fountain:

  • It is produced of safe materials;
  • Purification system cleans liquid from chloride and other chemical and biological admixture;
  • Safe for using in schools, hospitals and other public places;
  • Time of work is 10 years;
  • As a rule there is a guaranty for it;
  • Protects children from illness;
  • Easy in usage and care.

The drinking fountain may include one or several purification methods: mechanical, sorptive, ion exchange, ultraviolet radiation or the ones with a special membrane which does not led harmful organic substances into liquid.
Each model includes two taps: “goose neck” and “drink trough”. The first one is used for drinking and the second one is used for pouring liquid into the glass or other container. Fountains are executed in different colors and shapes.

Water Fountains Bubblers

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