Rock Fountain Creating Comfort

Fountain Rock Park

Rock fountain will not only adorn the territory, but also moisturize the air, improve the microclimate in the recreation area. It can be built in the country village style with clay vases, pails, buckets and wooden products or in the natural style; decorate with vertically arranged stones to give it an exotic form.
Rock water fountains and equipment for them:

  • Typically in backyards are used two types: open outdoor rock fountains and with a circulation pump. The open design envisages that the water enters on the nozzle. The jets are formed by the difference of aqua level. For the construction of such structure, take a small capacity, it should be set higher than the nozzle to 50-100 cm. If such installation is established, you will have to carry out a constant monitoring of water level, because the pressure is pretty weak. By cons, the open design can be attributed a relatively rapid pollution of water by dust and debris;
  • In the second case, a circulation pump is placed to the bottom of the tank, providing a continuous supply of water. This type of a font device is more practical.

Diy rock fountain:

Small Rock Water Fountains
  • The pit under fonts should be dig “with reserve”, the bowl of water should stand there freely, as after installation, a tank should be well strengthened in the ground, well covered with sand. Before you install the tank in the pit, it is desirable to fill the bottom layer with pebbles in a 5 cm. After the bowl is installed and secured, you must measure the distance from the fountain to the nearest outlet. Now we need to take the same length a plastic tubing or another. The power cord of the pump equipment is extended through this pipe;
  • The next stage – to put the water pump in the tank.

Made of stone font has a very impressive look. You can take a flat stone or a suitable fragment of a rock and drill holes in them in the central part. The stones must be mounted on metal tube fountain, as children’s pyramid.

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